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Workington gang-rape trial: Accused says girl initiated contact


A teenager accused of taking part in the gang-rape of a 15-year-old girl claims she initiated sexual contact, a court heard.Carlisle Crown Court previously heard four boys, all aged under 16, took turns to attack the victim in a muddy field in Workington, Cumbria, on 3 January.Jurors heard extracts of a police interview in which one of the boys said the girl asked: “Does anyone want sex?”All four deny rape and sexual assault.The boy claimed the girl approached the quartet and she was said to have told a friend: “Right, I am going with these.”The court heard the boy told officers he believed she was older than 15 and that she “was a bit tipsy but not, like, drunk”.He said she began mild sexual contact with him and then with one of his friends.’Pack’ sex attackAs they walked towards the field, he said the girl asked: “Does anyone want sex?”His reply, he told police, was “Aye, I will if you want.”The pair had sex, he said, before she began having sexual contact with one of the other boys.Asked by the police officer whether he had raped the girl, or been involved with anyone else in raping her, he replied: “No.”The prosecution alleges the accused boys took part in a “pack” sex attack, taking turns to assault the girl.The court has heard witnesses reported seeing her “hysterical” with “mud-spattered trousers”.A jogger also reported to police that she heard “the sound of screaming” in the area at around 19:15 BST.The trial continues.
Source: BBC Cumbria