Home news Restored vintage coach returns home to Shetland from Suffolk

Restored vintage coach returns home to Shetland from Suffolk


A vintage coach used in Shetland from 1950 until 1979 has completed a 1,000-mile journey home after being restored in Suffolk.The 1950s Bedford coach was bought by Nick Taylor in 2011. He completed its restoration at his home at Weybread.The coach was a “lifeline” for many Shetlanders, taking them to school, the shops and on trips around the islands.Mr Taylor has donated it to the Shetland Commercial Vehicle Preservation Trust.It drove off the overnight ferry from Orkney just after 07:30.A small crowd gathered to watch the arrival.

Mr Taylor said he realised it was a lifeline after a visit to Suffolk from its former driver, James Watt, in 2013.He said: “It was his life – he’d drive it every day across the island. He took children to school and relatives to weddings and funerals. He even did impromptu deliveries across the island.”The Bedford, which has a top speed of 40mph (64kph), was driven to Shetland via Lincolnshire, across to the Lake District and up the west coast of Scotland, before sailing to Orkney and onto Shetland.
Source: BBC Cumbria