Home news Carlisle burglar damaged 'priceless' cathedral panel

Carlisle burglar damaged 'priceless' cathedral panel


A man who damaged a cathedral’s priceless 15th Century wooden panel during a break-in has been jailed.Dean George Higgins, 34, of Howard Place, Carlisle, climbed over the decorative fretwork at Carlisle Cathedral to get to the charity box.Carlisle Crown Court heard it had been “impossible” to put a price on repairs, which were not yet under way.Recorder Andrew Nuttall said Higgins had been a “plague upon this city for a long time”.The court heard he had 127 offences on his record, many for theft and dishonesty.Higgins was sentenced to 28 months in prison after admitting burglary with intent to steal and two separate shoplifting crimes.
Source: BBC Cumbria